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Kuraku : Joys and Sorrows

[feel the melodrama]

Suzume Tori
30 September 1988
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I'm a middling person. Sorta nice, sorta pretty, sorta mean, sorta ugly, sorta young, sorta old. (brought to you repetitively by the department of redundant repitition)... . I love yaoi and shonen ai, but if you don't know what it is, don't ask ^^;... ^_^ I like cheese and chocolate, but not together. Hmmm.... I'm a cat at heart, and I knit incessently. I can embrioder sorta well (I know, weird)... I like angels, and statues the best! My grammar is horrabibble, (and my 'speling'too), but that's ok, because my dream *fanfare* is to be an ARTIST!!! Ok, that's all. I said, 'that's all!' I mean... go down and finish the page. No, delete that! I didn't want you to type that! Stop! Oh, whatever, just scroll down *tearful sniff*...