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So Winston (my budgie) died today.

I'm mostly posting this so that if I lose the date, I can look it up by entry here, since my physical diaries/journals aren't as conveniently searchable.
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After Reading, No Supplementary Material Available

     Was gonna see a Queen concert with Adam Lambert singing, but my appendix had other ideas. SO I REMOVED IT. (Still missed the concert, since I was in the hospital. But at least no other vestigial organs will dare interfere in the future.)
     Boring Details: Laparoscopic, allowed to eat normally as early as the morning after, things went well (I overnighted but am home now) the hospital food was actually pretty good, I'm still in pain but it is so, so, SO much less than before the surgery, my voice sounds like it belongs to the undead because of the tube that they put down my throat during surgery, and I'm Going To Be Just Fine.

Also, if you're wondering about the subject of this post, I was trying to be funny. While this post was about the vermiform appendix (anatomical one), there's also the literary term.

resurfacing: the wacom intuos 2 tablet's plastic sheet?

So I have gone through a few tablets in my life. I use them frequently enough that they go through wear-and-tear and, (eventually), give out. My first two tablets were the old school, powder-blue graphire model. I'm lucky enough to currently have an Intuos 2 tablet, which I am quite fond of.

Unfortunately, despite being a more advanced (read: expensive) model, the surface inevitably is giving signs of its age and frequent use. The plastic sheet upon which the stylus presses is getting scratched and pitted/pock-marked. While this is officially 'cosmetic' wear, it impedes the functionality when the pen catches in the grooves and results in less-smooth lineart.

I've googled the issue, and while it appears that other people have had this problem, I've yet to find a satisfactory solution. Is there some way for me to safely resurface this plastic, instead of ordering a replacement? I've a friend who is currently getting her Intuos repaired for upwards of a hundred dollars, which is a cost I'd rather avoid.

Has anyone figured out a clever way to repair or resurface the plastic sheet? Be it with waxed paper, walnuts, windex, warmth, or what have you.

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something's wrong with Darl

One of my parakeets stopped using one of his legs. It just dangles below his perch. We're taking him to the vet this afternoon. I really, really want him to be okay.
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Adobe, I Am Judging You So Much Right Now

It is seriously easier to install (and get support for) pirated versions than it is for me to install my purchased copy of the CS2-era Adobe Production Suite.

I am exhausted and irritated and the opposite of impressed. I am one of those weird people who made it a point to have a legal version of my Adobe software (and Corel Painter, Paint Tool Sai, and the Microsoft Office Suite) despite having the means to obtain and install pirated versions. I feel like I'm being punished for trying to do things the legitimate way. 

After spending approximately a zillion years installing the entire suite (yes, with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, etc) it turned out that the software wouldn't activate. I know I have a legitimate key (the perks of having purchased it through Adobe, and not second-hand through any other party) so I was surprised when the activation failed. I waited for a while, tried again, received the same error message, and finally decided to activate by phone. At this point, the robo-voice leads me on a merry flurry of entering way too many numbers before directing me to a message telling me to go to a specific URL which will allow me to download a version of CS2 that does not require activation.

I go to the site, and download the absurdly large files and instructions. (Seriously, they couldn't just patch the install somehow? I had to download all of it, instead.) Unfortunately, the instructions are flawed; they refer to files that are not available for download. Downloading the similarly named files in the same directory led to plenty of frustration as I entered my serial number in the 'new' installer only to be told it was not valid.

Hop to the internet and on to the forums, where it looks like people are getting CS2 for free. (With dubious legal standing, obviously). These people obviously had more success than I. Additionally, not all of the programs from the suite I'd purchased appear to be available in the small set of packages I'd downloaded, even *if* the installer had actually functioned.

The moral of this story? Pirates are nicer than corporations, and actually provide better support, shocking no-one and confirming the belief that evil is relative when it comes to facing the vast oceans of sheer incompetence. Or something.

Just, ugh. 

I can't even figure out how to post on the 'help' forum to complain. That is how completely useless Adobe is being.

ETA: Still miserable. Got told on the live help chat how to do what I'd already done, before being referred to a number to call that says it'll be over two hours of hold music before I can reach someone to help (who -- let's be real -- is going to tell me more things that I already know, and won't be able to help me with my installation.) ETA 1.b: Hahahaha after 3 hours on hold, nothing. Nothing but 3 hours of bad hold music. FML.

ETA 2: In Mysteries Of Tech -- this entry kept showing up as saying "That is ho completely useless Adobe is being". Adding a 'w' had no affect. Adding a trail of 'w's did. Went back and changed it to one, and it went back to having none. *Weird*. Finally, typing out 'howw' made the entry show up as 'how'. Technology, why do you do this to me?
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random slash authors (who disappear)

Augh. I'm super tired, but my body is still attempting to have a panic attack with all the remaining energy. Decided to surf through some random nostalgic favourites online to try and read and distract myself until I could calm down properly, and ran into a bit of a snag: a lot of the fiction that I'd known and loved was taken down. Some with no warning, no explanation, and no remnants on the WayBack Machine but a lonely robots.txt file.

One of the (slightly more oft-read? Or so it seemed) authors was Karasu Tendo. Does anyone know what happened, there? The others I am still digging around to find out what went on, but that was the most recent one to stump me.

This is why I am often tempted to just be a jerk, and save all the fiction that I like. When I don't, it just magically drops off the face of the internet. 

and then a random ducky appeared

Sorry, nothing super exciting to share, but rather -- I'm looking for feedback. Seriously. This is the first recording, and I chose a song that is current enough that hopefully most people know it. All I’m doing is singing, nothing special, but I would really, really appreciate any pointers/criticism/feedback to help me improve.

The song I'm singing with is Someone Like You, originally by Adele.

Thank you, anyone who takes the time to listen and drop a note.

(Note: feedback not needed on the background singer that shows up in the ‘nothing compares / no worries or cares’ etc. verse, because she isn’t me, and she came with the karaoke track.)

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Dear Tumblr

Oh, Tumblr. I would never have known what I was missing at ComicCon if it weren't for you.

Not sure if I am grateful for the secondhand images and accounts of panels, or depressed by them. 


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omnomnom cannibal impulses

or vampiric, either way -- but I can't help but notice that people are releasing fake blood drinks that taste like fruit punch. (I give kudos to the packaging for the one that looks like a bloodbag. But it tasted like the worst fruit punch I'd ever had. Seriously. Eugh.) Why is no one releasing a fake blood drink that tastes like blood? I mean, yes, it'd only have an itty bitty niche market as a novelty item, but seriously, I want a blood-flavoured blood-drink. That preferably isn't real blood, because clotting blood is really -- not appetizing.

That's all from this corner of cray. I'm assigning this as a resolution for the rest of the world to make for me. (I can do that, right? Right?)

Happy New Year's, everyone <3